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Client testimonials

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We build long-term relationships with our clients, helping them reach their financial goals no matter what stage of life they're at. We'll help you implement your plan and review your progress to keep you on track over time.

We have just had our second client satisfaction survey conducted by a third party to help us improve our services. Below, some of our clients share a comment about their experience with us.

"Comfortable and confident with them."(male aged 51 NSW)
"I have a good association with them and trust them and trust them completely." (male aged 67 NSW)

Good knowledge/professional." (male aged 69 NSW)

"He has always been helpful and open to discussion with for  and against . Always available when advice is needed." (female aged 64 NSW)

"He is always available, and is most patient with me. I don't feel like a dill when I talk to him." (female aged 74 NSW)

He is upfront and leads me in the right direction for all of my needs." (male aged 67 NSW)

Trust built over many years." (male aged 52 NSW)

He answers all my questions asked & provides options to consider." (male aged 53 NSW)

He has the knowledge to know what is best for me." (male aged 65 NSW)

Helps manage our super and any problems with Centrelink he will sort out for us." (male aged 68 NSW)

I have been with them for over 10 years and they have always been there for me and my situation trust them and they have become good acquaintances of mine." (male aged 46 NSW)

Well versed in all my business and personal needs." (male aged 50 NSW)

Simply outstanding service has been provided over in excesses of 15 years." (male aged 52 NSW)

We have had some great feedback with regard to these comments, but we are not resting on our laurels. We have the survey conducted not to boost our ego's but to see what areas of the business we could improve on. In our first year of the survey we found that most people wanted more communication from us and not less so we implemented systems to provide more frequent relevant communication to our clients. This year we have seen an improvement in that area from the survey results. Above all we encourage and appreciate feedback of any kind to help us improve the service we can provide. The most pleasing thing from our perspective is that our clients value the advice they receive from us and the trust we have built over many years, and we will continue to improve and build on that trust for many more.